Benefits of GPS Fleet Tracking System in Corporate Sector:

Lower Fuel Costs:

Tracking of fleet vehicles with GPS easily prevents excessive idling, speeding and personal vehicle use. It also

helps to improve routing and helps to reduce the fuel   costs by   20%.

Keeps vehicle’s fuel costs low by:

  • Reducing  the  excessive vehicle idling
  • Reducing the  excessive vehicle speeding
  • Improving the routing of vehicles
  • Eliminating  the   unauthorized use of fleet  vehicles
  • Improving  the  vehicle maintenance
  • Ensuring  that vehicles do not leave designated areas
  • Prevents from fuel theft


Reduction in Labor Costs:

Monitoring of your drivers helps you to vastly decrease in employee’s cost and over time.
GPS Fleet Tracking saves an average of PKR 50,000 per employee annually.

Lower labor costs by:

  • Improving  the accuracy of truck / car driver overtime with check on  (In/Out)
  • Reducing   unauthorized  vehicle  stop
  • Check  on  unproductive activities
  • Improving  the efficiency  of  jobs
  • Control   the  use  of  vehicles  &  equipment  after  working  hours


Increase productivity and profits:

GPS vehicle tracking allows companies to add more jobs to  each work day. Companies see a increase of 20%   in work orders,
completed after implementation of  GPS Tracking  Systems.

Increase revenue and profits by:

  • Ensuring  that  employees  work  a  full  day by using  activity reports
  • Allowing   you  to  add  more  tasks  to  each employee
  • Eliminating  breakage of  goods  by  speed  control
  • Reducing in manual   working  along  with the paper work
  • Control  on  theft  losses


Improve customer service:

Tracking vehicles with a GPS Fleet Management System  allows   companies  to  perform  better  for their  customers.

  • A 23% increase in the total number of service calls, completed per day by each technician.
  • An average of 46% increase in the percentage of time that service technicians arrive within the promised response time,
    which is
    directly relating to the issue of improved customer satisfaction.
  • A 16.4% increase in service revenues because of improvement in customer service alone.