About Us

eDrive Technology is a Specialized Services Provider and Turn-Key Wireless Solutions Consultancy focusing on “Global Positioning Satellite System” (GPS) Satellite Tracking Solutions for Active and Pas-sive; “Automatic Vehicle Location” (AVL), “Vehicle Tracking Systems” (VTS), “Fleet Management Systems” (FMS), “Remote Static/Mobile Workforce Management Systems” (WMS) and Remote Fixed/MobileAsset Tracking/Sensing Management Systems in the GPS Satellite Tracking Systems-based Wireless M2M, Vehicle Telematics and Homeland Security, Services and Solutions Industry.Rising global demand for these types of vertical commercial applications is driving high year-on-year growth rates in these and related industry sectors.

eDrive Technology was founded in 2007 to fulfil the need of customers in our region. eDrive Technoloy is the project of Micropak Pvt. Ltd. Micropak is one of the oldest independent Printed Circuit Board manufacturers in Pakistan. From its start at the very beginning of the electronics industry Micropak has always been proud to be associated with leading edge technologies in PCB Manufacturing. The specialty has always been the supply of high quality, high specification boards in small and medium batch.