Now eDrive helps you to ensure the vehicles movement on their assigned route.
Route violations can be avoided with the help of web monitoring and SMS alerts.
For example, if a loaded vehicle is assigned with the route of Multan Road
from one point (Thokar Niaz Beg) to second point (Samanabad), then it shouldn’t leave the Multan Road
while travelling between mentioned points. If driver will violate the route,
an alarm will be popped up on web and SMS will be received on assigned number of vehicle’s owner.
eDrive makes sure of your vehicle activity with in your required geographical limits.
eDrive is offering standard geo fences of all major cities and customized fences are also avaialble as per customer’s requirement.
Customized fences can be defined in radius around cities, homes, factories, warehousse and schools as well.
If vehicle will cross the predefined single or set of boundries,
a notificaion in form of alarm will be received on web and assigned number of vehicle’s owner.
Cargo containers played an important role in nationwide trade.
Loaded container’s security is very sensitive and imperative issue.
eDrive container lock system is the only device currently available in pakistan,
which provides the firm and ultimate monitoring of container’s doors.
Another exclusive feature of eDrive, allows you to get current location of vehicle with ignition,
speed status on mobile phone with out wastage of time.
You will send sms by typing the provided syntax on specified number,
and within a minute you will be replied with vehicle’s current location.
eDrive is excited to offer new solutions for the Car / Generator fuel Monitoring.
Monitoring of fuel can be done through web from anywhere.
Reporting panel carrying important reports such as:
a- Fuel Filling Report,
b- Fuel Consumption Report
c- Working Hours of Car / Generator etc.
eDrive is celebrating 11 years of quality service, now introducing the newest and most effective features first time in Pakistan.
Now you can track your vehicle along with exclusive feature of Live Recording with four cameras simultaneously in encrypted video format.
This product is really ideal for School / College Bus, Goods Transport, Rent A Car, Cash Recovery Van, Ambulances & Public Transport.